The Retail Business Awards statuettes, jointly awarded by the Business Center Club and Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze, are the first such prestigious business awards for companies from the retail and wholesale sector in Poland. These awards are designed to build the image of the retail sector adequate to the important contribution it has been making for years to the development of the Polish economy and its innovativeness. The distinctions are also to mark the involvement of retail companies in developing good practices and high business standards in the area of the labour market and corporate social responsibility.

The statuettes are awarded to companies and their managers for their activities that create real value for business partners, suppliers, employees, local communities and consumers, as well as the economy and the environment. When selecting winners, by their example we want to promote the values essential for building the healthy, effective and sustainable environment, which is friendly not only to entrepreneurs and their partners, but also to consumers.

The idea behind the RBA is also to support and honour not only the largest companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises which are building their position on the distribution market or are looking for their own opportunities in the market niches.

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