Quartz means Quality – this goal is with us every step of the way.

For over 30 years we have been the “go-to” contract packager.

We specialize in forming flexible packaging and filling it with customer’s products.

In our big machine park you can pack a wide range of products from granulates, powders to liquids, emulsions and gels.

Our expertise comes from many years of supporting the big companies with their growing demand.

We took that know-how to also help other companies in getting their products out in the market.

With years we have been extending the range of products we can pack, and types of packaging we can offer.

We pack household chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, supplements and other kinds of products.

We offer classic or shaped sachets (single or double chamber), doypacks optionally with zipper or spout, stick sachets. Other options are 3D monodoses of various shapes.

If you need post-production packing we will also arrange it according to your needs.

For more inspirations please visit our website www.quartz.pl

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