Make key business contacts

The Congress of the FMCG Market and Cosmetic Business Forum are mainly about the guests.

Each edition gathers key people of retail, FMCG and beauty markets in Poland. There are renown managers, experts, academics and business practitioners who meet to exchange knowledge and experience, not only among the speakers.

It is an excellent opportunity to meet them, present your products and services or make contacts which may bring benefits in the future.

In the “Speakers” tab you will find information about the people who will take part in the debates and deliver speeches during Retail Trends in 2022. In the “Partners” tab you can quickly check which companies and their representatives will come to the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel on 24 May 2022.

Learn from the market practitioners

At the Retail Trends you will learn twice as much about the market. We will look at it holistically, both at the experience of the major retail chains and through the perspective of smaller stores.

The Congress of the FMCG Market and Cosmetic Business Forum have always gathered outstanding experts who have helped to find your way on the FMCG or Beauty markets. This year, as the name suggests, during the Retail Trends we want to focus even more on the trends and factors which will shape the market in 2022 and later.

Check the “Programme” tab and see what speeches we have planned for this year’s edition of our flagship events.

Present your products and services

The Retail Trends Congress is a great opportunity to present novelties in your offer.

The FMCG and Beauty markets are largely shaped by products. Their quality, availability and innovativeness contribute to the market success of their creators. The presentation of products and services has been one of the key elements of our events.

Take part in Retail Trends and present your products and services to representatives of the Polish and foreign retail. Each meeting can be an opportunity to establish a new business cooperation. Take a look at the “Partners” tab and see whose novelties this year will spice up our event.

Let’s meet on-site

The Congress of the FMCG Market and the Cosmetic Business Forum, which will be held in the new edition of Retail Trends 2022, is a return the event held on-site.

Although digital technologies are becoming closer to us every day and are replacing other areas of life reserved for the ‘real world’, we already know that some things cannot be transferred to the internet.

Meetings in the real world, shaking hands, physically showing new products or tasting a product are experiences that should not be “digitalised”. That’s why Retail Trends 2022 will be held on-site in the Double Tree by Hilton hotel in Warsaw, a proven partner of Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze.

The on-site event will be held in accordance with all sanitary requirements and with all safety measures to make our guests feel safe and free, making full use of the offer of our event.